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Realizing Value

About us

Perena was registered in 1952. The rich history of the company has been given a fresh breath of air with international flair and experience.

Headed by financial investment experts, Perena is a solid trustworthy partner for future endeavors. Working closely together with clients and partners to ensure professionalism and confidence.

In a digital age, investment choices are colored by innovation, creativity, corporate responsibility, transformation, flexibility, and leadership. With wide global experience and open eyes to changes in the market, Perena is your partner to connect all factors.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Working with international networks and individuals believing in the potential of the next generation.

Corporate Investment & Strategy

Investing in great ideas. The provision of capital to companies with a clear vision and strategy for the future.

Property Investments

Real estate investments as part of a diversified portfolio. Working with experts in their respective country and city.

By Managing Director

``Value experience and the innovation of youth.”

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