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About Us

About Us

Founded in 1952, Perena was registered as a company intended for investments in innovations, patents, financing and ventures of novel concepts.

Perena has developed into an internationally oriented advisory firm, with a firm view on individual and distinct corporate innovations.

With a team spanning two generations, input of traditional values paired with modern innovations and vigor is ensured. Working in teams within the company and also our partners world-wide, uniquely tailored solutions are provided and implemented.

International connections and a wide network of professionals in various industries has influenced Perena’s growth and projects successfully completed in the past. Opportunities arise often and may be transformed into successful investments with expertise and support.

Projects span collaborations for innovative new start-ups, investments in cyber security solutions, supporting mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, projects in the healthcare and education sector and collaborating with international investment funds.

Corporate responsibility and philanthropy have gained increased attention over the past decades. Corporate management has been involved in various philanthropical projects over the years, supporting nonprofit bodies, taking the lead in the organization of charity events, as well as collecting founding.

Director, Founder

``We believe in long lasting relationships based on trust and transparency.``

Management Team

Perena’s management team spans two generations with extensive international experience in the world of finance and business. As the world has become more connected than ever before, international and cultural understanding is key to fluid business ventures.

Supporting our clients and partners in evaluating new opportunities, existing projects or assessing past experiences. Traditional values giving a solid base to explore the modern world of opportunities and challenges with a unique approach and insight.

Ensuring good communication within the team and towards clients and partners is a priority, as well as creating lasting relationships based on trust and common goals. Comprehensive strategies to reach defined objectives are substantial to any successful investment, with taking into account today’s fast paced world and change never being far. Being flexible and proactive is substantial in successfully navigating the investment world.

Perena’s management team has extensive experience in a number of sectors and a background spacing finance, law, economics, business and tax. Combining expertise from all fields in order to see the bigger picture to achieve set objectives and develop tailor made strategies.