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Perena’s founder and management team has been part of foundations and charitable organisations for over 30 years. Experiences in the founding of charitable ventures, as well as organizing events, joining hands with generous donors and working closely with supporting clinics and organisations internationally.

Giving back and supporting the ones in need has been close to our founder’s heart and includes ventures as far as the far east.

In modern times, although media coverage is extensive and information is readily available at all times, actions seem to take a step back. Being proactive, responsible, supporting those in need in an efficient honest manner has become so much more valuable.

Individual and corporate responsibility to our communities is a gift to give a helping hand in difficult times and offer support to stand up again. Putting smiles back on faces and making breaths a little lighter.

by Management

``Over the past 30 years we feel very privileged to be a part of foundations and communities that are at the core of giving back.``


Krebskranke Kinder

The European for needy children and young people suffering from cancer was founded in 1997 for the sole purpose of providing financial aid for cancer sick children and youths.

After personal experiences with young children suffering from cancer, the founders of the European Foundation came together to create a support for those in financial need. The Foundation has grown in size and reach over the past decades and has successfully lifted at least part of the financial burden of relevant families.

In order to increase reach the European Foundation has founded Golfing with Heart aimed at organizing events to increase awareness and collect funds.


Golfing with Heart

Golfing with Heart was founded by the European Foundation to organize charity-golf-tournaments internationally. Tournaments have taken place in a number of European countries, as well as in Russia.

Sister organisation’s are founded in each event country as non-profit associations and all initiators, supporter, golf friends and volunteers work on an honorary basis and are not paid for their services. All associations work closely together with local cancer institutions and support clinics to support cases locally and directly. Every case is evaluated and help is modeled to fit each case.

Golfing with Heart Golf tournaments are one of the most successful charity event organizer in Europe. A trusted partner to many reputable firms and individuals, forming long-term relationships and trust.


SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children’s Villages have a long and standing tradition. The first village was build in 1949 in Austria for the war orphaned of WW2.

Villages have been since build around the world with the help of generous sponsors and donors.

The concept is to build compounds with numerous houses, with each house housing a number of children and being supervised by a house mother, just like in a big family. Included in the compound are sport facilities and schools or kindergartens. Each village is designed individually and adapted to the environment.